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sugar daddy online dating - date rich & wealthy men

What is a Sugar Daddy ?

A sugar daddy is man that is successful, wealthy or even rich and educated. A couple of years ago, persons like that were called gentlemen.

All men want to be a sugar daddy one day, all girls want sugar daddies... That was the reason why online dating websites like are so successful, because they bring together what belongs together at last.

Great advantages of dating a sugar daddy:
A sugar daddy has lot of advantages to a normal guy, because he has much more to offer. And that does not mean only material things like a big house, fancy cars, stylish clothes and so on. Mostly sugar daddies are over 40 (that is because young men under 40 normally did not achieve so much...) and that means they have more experience in every kind of way. Most of them learned through the years how to treat a real women and they better understand what a women really wants. So they are better lovers, better understanders, better listeners and they are wiser because of their higher age.

One of those places, where you can easily and cheap meet rich, independent men is Here you can find a lot of rich men, who really wanted to meet young attractive nice ladies.

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