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age gap dating - dating someone much younger or older online

An age gap in relationships can lead to several problems. If the male part of the couple is much older (more then 10 years), then a lot of people think he is a sugar daddy and not an equal partner. People think that, because they can not imagine that a young women can really fall in love with a guy who could be her father. They think, she only wants the material advantages. But that is not always true. A lot of young women prefer a relationship with a much older man because the mature man is wiser, a better lover, has more experience in any situation and often takes more care.

These also called may-december romances (it would be better to call them spring-autumn romances, because she is in the spring and he in the autumn of his life) can last for years without any trouble although there is an age gap.

Ageless love

It should never be forgotten, that love is ageless ! And that is not only a romance saying, in most cases it is absolutely true. In the end it depends on how both partners feel about each other. When the love is strong enough, then the age gap problems seem to be very small and can easily be handled.

Age gap online dating

There are some online dating websites specialized in dating for couples with age gaps. One of theses platforms is Here you can find young women seeking older men and older men seeking younger women.

younger women dating older men - dating someone much younger

There are a lot of stereotypes about older men dating much younger women. He is the sugar daddy, that wants to buy her, because of her young body that he admires. She is the young shopping girl that only needs a sugar daddy to buy her clothes or jewelry and she sells her body. Of course all these situations exists, but it is not the average couple with an age gap that can be described this way. Today it is absolutely normal that a young lady in the age of 28 has a boyfriend that is 41. No one would call these constellation a sugar daddy couple. So if your are a man over 40 or a woman under 30 than register for free on and try it out...

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